Ningbo bathroom set

Item: bathroom set: liquid bottle + toothbrush rack + toilet paper rack
Material: bamboo and stainless steel
Usage: The bathroom sanitary fittings look top grade and fashionable. They are beautifully designed and practical. Bamboo is natural and environment- friendly material. And stainless steel is rust resistant and clean enough. The bathroom set can be used widely in family, top star hotels and restaurants.

Ningbo Erest Enterprise Co., Ltd is professionally deal with research,exploitation, and production & sales of kitchen tools, bathroom cleaners and polishes and racks, BBQ Tool.Our kitchen tools are involved with pots, bowls, spatulas, kitchen knives,forks, trays, cups and spoons, ice buckets and all kinds of racks, which are made of bamboo, stainless steel or iron.

Our bathroom appliances are including plastic hooks, towel racks, toothbrush shelves, soap boxes, liquid bottle, and iron supporter, toilet brushes, and shower cap, which are made of bamboo, stainless steel or iron.

Our grilling apparatus have various BBQ net racks, household metal frames,covers, and racks, metal grills, metal accessories of exhaust fans, fans, fridges, freezer and air conditioners, metal commodity shelves, ovens,membrane structure and steel structure, which are made of metal, such as iron, stainless steel, zinc and so on.

The Ningbo Pavilion is made of the tiles and recovery old bricks, which are representatives building materials in East Zhejiang. The interior mostly uses the bamboo texture, which shows the cultural flavor of the regions south of the Yangtze River and creates a scene of eco-friendliness.

The move-in of the pavilion is to start soon. According to the move-in plan, within the pavilion there will be sections of Music from Braid, Natural Experience, Dynamic Images, and Interactive Sign-up. On top of that, there will be an exhibition of photos of 300 families as well as DV clips indicating the changes of the society, telling of the happy life that Ningbo people have been leading during the past 60 years.


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